About Us


We are partners in your child’s future.

Sholom creates an individualized multi-step approach in the emotional, cognitive and physical development of our students. The surroundings of every child play an integral part in creating and imbedding confident and successful future leaders. Thus, we adopt a multi-step, holistic approach by involving, informing, empowering and fusing partnerships between parents and the community. The tools that are available within the community can make a difference in the family unit. Applying an individualized holistic family-community-child approach fortifies the family unit by producing an active parent body that in turn impacts the “child” in developing emotional/social, confident, capable/able and productive members of the community.


Executive Director Ella Yakubov has been working with various city official leaders in formulating high functioning programs. She actively participates in round-table-meetings. Mrs. Yakubov's experience and input has enabled the Department of Education with its expansion in the Birth to Five movement and her program was the first to volunteer in its pilot program. She looks forward and embraces change. The experience, expertise and community outreach she brings to Sholom is invaluable and it is what enables us to thrive


Each employee goes through a rigorous selection process. They are screened to insure that they are not only able to provide the highest level of pedagogy but that they are loving, caring and compassionate individuals.  The Faculty at Sholom, maintains the highest level of professionalism and respect for every client.

We invite you to become a-part of our family.