Pre-K For All

Every family with a four year old in NEW York City can apply for free full day Pre-K program (must be current New York City resident).  Sholom provides a  high quality educational program.  Students are provided with safe learning opportunities and engaging activities. Emotionally responsive practices are the core at every Sholom program while staff build upon the executive functioning skills of every student. Your child will be ready for Kindergarten and beyond!


Sholom adopts and follows the NYCDOE Interdisciplinary Units of study


Pre-K runs five days per week from September to June.  A full-day schedule (6 hours and 20 minutes).

Please note that start and end time vary by location and class.


If you are considering enrolling your child to the Sholom Pre-K For All program you must register through the NYC 3K website.

For more current information and registration to the Pre-K For All program click on the link below:


Sholom Pre-K For All Site locations

Pre-K For All

School Code-QBKE

84-15 Bevery Road

Kew Gardens

School Code-QARK

116-66 Park Lane South, Kew Gardens

School Code-QBHQ

75-21 Main Street


School Code: QAPL

82-04 Lefferts Blvd

Kew Gardens

Voucher Program

School Code: QAWK

63-44 Wetherole St.

Rego Park